Best Value Sales.

There is a minority of only 5% necessary to lead a group of more than 200 people to a particular location (Jens Kraus en John Dyer).

People are more likely to follow a ‘blind leader’ taking them along a familiar and much travelled route, than to follow a visionary on a promising but unique and new path. People are like sheep in a herd, and many are happy to lead them that way. Not us.

We are Unherd (Best Value Sales).

More expertise
Motivated people
More profits

What Unherd does.

We align, train and coach people to create and own a simple, transparent and measurable environment. The Best Value environment (based on a philosophy known as ‘Best Value Approach’) provides for the alignment of available expertise and creates the right conditions to allow for inspiration.

In a Best Value environment people’s motivation goes up, risks go down, failure costs go down and profits go up.

What are you waiting for?

We believe that the heart of the company is comprised out of people, that people are more important than the system. People are the DNA of the company, the company’s single most important asset. That is why we, at Unherd, focus on identifying their strengths, as working from personal strength is what makes people inspired and happy in what they do.

Stand out from the pack. Unherd yourself.

Have a great day!